Pro2 Features

high performance

  • Injects concentrated stream of micro- and nano-sized bubbles into targeted waste streams to deliver oxygen at controlled levels.

  • Delivers dissolved oxygen with a high level of efficiency from a unit the size of a small household refrigerator.

  • Environmentally effective treatment and reduction of BOD, COD, NO2/NO3, ammonia, total inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids.

high efficiency

  • Increase wastewater throughput.

  • Saves space for other critical equipment, reduces building size.

  • Operator can observe operation easily in real-time from any location.

  • A single machine can operate in several zones with differing DO demands.


  • Per pound of dissolved oxygen(DO)/kWh.

  • Reduces maintenance costs throughout service life.

  • Reduces labor and material costs.



    innovative technology

    Current aeration technology delivers oxygen inefficiently, simply using air which is mostly comprised of Nitrogen.


    Extremely Efficient

    Common methods of treating wastewater are costly and inefficient, both at saturating water with oxygen and energy use.



    The current aeration systems require heavy modifications of the onsite facilities to accommodate their installation.

    Mobile Access Control

    Advantages of Pro2

    • The units have the ability to deliver a large amount of oxygen without treating the entire body of water.
    • All PrO2 units have the ability to be remotely operated or monitored when a customer purchases the modem option or installs the machine to their network.
    • Remote control is obtained through the use of smart phones, mobile devises and PC’s through an IP address (internet protocol address) specific to that machine.
    • All communication must pass through a secure network where password protection is administered by the end user. 
    • A technician can run the system based on dissolved oxygen demand (which is determined by sensors monitoring the process), or schedule operation based solely on time.
    • The numerous zones can be scheduled independently giving the customer the ability to deliver a controlled amount of oxygen exactly where and when it is needed.