Pure Oxygen. Cleaner Water. 

The PRO2 wastewater treatment system will efficiently deliver extremely large amounts of oxygen into waste matter with up to 96% oxygen transfer efficiency.

As a result, the oxygen rich environment will accelerate the natural breakdown of organic matter while preserving an odor free environment. Our cutting-edge nanotechnology improves the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and economics in environmental remediation.


Read our article in BizCentral Mag

Read our article in BizCentral Mag

The impact that the PrO2 has on the community is significant. This machine has the ability to decrease the amount of tax payer dollars that would typically be needed to operate and or upgrade traditional DPW infrastructures. In discussing these benefits with Jim Wonacott, Village Administrator for the Village of Blissfield, the vast capability of the PrO2 system was realized.

“Our waste water system is like many others in the state; the process itself ends with the collection of sludge. This sludge is aerated and decanted before final collection and transport to farms for ‘fertilization’” explained Jim. “Prior to two years ago our village had seen the water demand increase over the previous 10 – 15 years; most of which can be attributed to the addition of the Ethanol plant.” This increase produced 1.4 to 1.5 million gallons of sludge per year and was not a situation that the Village’s waste system could efficiently process.